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Your advocate, guide and fierce negotiator

ForSale03.jpgPricing your home competitively from the get-go increases the odds of a quick sale.  The price of a home is determined by performing a market analysis which looks closely at recent comparable sales, unique features of the home and current market conditions, including other available listings.

Most buyers screen available homes on the internet, and new listings get 4 times more web traffic.  If your home is priced too high when it hits the market, you run the risk that active, qualified buyers will scroll right past it.

New listings are called "hot" for a reason - buyers get excited about them!  Showings are likely to cool off noticeably after the first 30 days on the market.

Another issue with over pricing a home is that most buyers will need financing, and the bank will generally use an appraisal based on recent sales, to justify the loan amount.

In addition to pricing a home well, I may recommend that home owners perform repairs to correct visible flaws, or I may suggest staging a home so it feels more spacious and potential buyers can picture themselves living there.

The real estate market in the Oakville/Burlington/Milton area can be volatile, especially lately, and it takes an experienced professional to move your house quickly, professionally, and profitably. 

When you're ready to sell:

I will be your advocate, your guide, and your fierce negotiator.  I will advise you on whether you should sell first, or buy first.  I will structure a contract that is in your best interest.

I will work hard to make your real estate DREAMS a reality!


                                                                  Diane Dawtrey 

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