A Great Place to Live!

Superior family attractions, education, and safety have combined to make this community one of the most desireable places to live in Ontario.

Situated between Toronto and Niagara, Oakville is surrounded by an abundance of family destinations and experiences. Enjoy the quality of entertainment and live performance that was once the preserve of Toronto alone, and yet be only steps away from preserved natural and rustic wonderlands including our parks system and heritage trails.  Living here allows you to share in the best of all worlds and yet still have the freedom to live and grow as you see fit.
A full and complete education is vital to raising a child properly, and in Oakville, our school system is of a world-class caliber. In addition to traditionally strong public schools, Oakville boasts a wide variety of private institutions including Appleby College, as well as the Chisholm Institute to name just a few. In addition, our own Sheridan College has continued to not just prosper, but now sets the standard for education in merging fields of technology and research. Such expertise is no accident, but instead is a clear reflection of this community’s dedication to making sure that our children receive the kind of education they are entitled to, from well funded and supported institutions.
While rising crime rates are an issue in other cities,  the streets of our town remain safe, and again this is by design. Oakville is a professional community. We are business people, creators, and developers. We respect what we have built here, and we teach that respect to our children, so that our town might remain something to be proud of.
This pride in what we have can be seen in our natural resources. Bike, hike, and fish for trout, here there is something for everyone. Without limitations the Town of Oakville is uniquely well suited and dedicated to being the kind of environment where family can take root and flourish.
Downtown Oakville is one of the foremost tourist destinations in Ontario. Every season offers a new experience. With its fruitful abundance of boutiques, storefronts, restaurants, ethnic eateries, bakeries, clothing stores, home accessory shops, salons, spas, bookstores and more, running up and down Lakeshore Road and branching off onto the many tributaries that feed our great downtown. All invite you to stay awhile and enjoy the crown jewel of Oakville. Downtown expresses that ours is a town not quite like any other you will ever find.
Residents and visitors alike will use phrases like “small town ambiance”, “tight knit community”, “quaint”, and “picturesque” to describe our town. The quaint historic town was founded in 1827, and has preserved its rich heritage, especially downtown. Walking through downtown Oakville you can’t help but notice the exquisite 19th century buildings. 
Life is easy and the pace of the day is just right as you stroll lazily past harbours and marinas and head into downtown. As you cross the bridge and enter the heart of downtown, you will be amazed at the variety, the opportunity and the diversity that you will find. This is the essence of our town. 


  • Over 3200 acres of parkland
  • Over 200Km of recreational trails
  • 31 Waterfront parks
  • Over 1.4 million people visit yearly
  • Approx 83 soccer fields
  • Approx 74 baseball diamonds
  • 6 leash free dog parks
  • 2 field hockey pitches
  • Over 260 performances staged yearly
  • 1.8 acre swimming pool at Bronte
  • Population is 193,832  (2016)
  • Median age is 38 years
  • 3% of population is over 80 years old
  • 76% speak english at home
  • Ranked #3 best place to live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine 2015
  • 65% live in single detached homes
  • Approx 57,000 households
  • 25% of Canada's population lives within 100 mile radius of Oakville
  • Average household income in Oakville is estimated at $155,532 which is almost 54% higher than the provincial average
  • Unemployment rate 5.3% (Q1 2013)
  • 222 days above 0 degrees Celcius